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    Who We Are Exhibition

    Find out about Shacklewell's latest art installation!

    The main hall at Shacklewell is the heart of the school and a space where we can exhibit our creativity. This term, the displays are adorned with artwork centred on the project 'Who We Are'. Continue reading to find out what each year group created and view examples of their brilliant work.

    Pre School

    The outcome of this project was based on the individuality of handprints. The children used black paint to print four handprints each onto four different colours of card. Each of the handprints was then delicately cut out and stuck onto a contrasting coloured card. They were then reconstructed into the final Andy Warhol inspired piece.



    For Reception's project, the children were required to produce a piece that was colourful and expressive.

    The children were given free rein to decide what they wanted to include in their 'Who We Are' piece; some chose to draw objects or people and other children decided to produce more abstract pieces focusing on mark-making and colour. Some children even chose to exhibit their love of maths!

    The framework that contained all of these ideas was a silhouette of the artist/child, carefully cut out by a member of the Reception team.



    Year 1

    The Year 1 piece for this project was made in two parts.

    Firstly, the children had to reflect upon what made them special and unique. They then drew at least five things that made them who they are. This could include food, toys, family, heritage or hobbies. Next, they utilised their most accurate colouring skills to make their drawings as vibrant and colourful as possible.

    The second part of the piece was to pose for a photograph to evoke a sense of self-reflection.

    These two elements were combined to produce these amazing mixed-media collaged drawings.



    Year 2

    For the 'Who We Are' project, Year 2 made colourful collaged masks.

    Using a basic mask template, the children were challenged to use their fine motor skills to cut out the different elements of the face. This required them to almost 'draw' with their scissors.

    We kept the eyes as natural as possible, whilst making the rest of our features and hair as colourful and expressive as possible.

    This project required not only excellent cutting and glueing skills, but also a strong recall of the knowledge of the proportions and placement of the facial features, which they had already learnt.


    Year 3

    The Year 3 'Who We Are' project was a colourful mixture of drawing and lettering.

    Using a basic template, the children were tasked with drawing half-face portraits (not as easy as it sounds!) using all of their knowledge and understanding of the proportions of the face and the placement of the features that they had learnt about last year.

    As the portraits were to be in colour, pencil crayons were used to add colour and texture to the drawings, as well as bold lettering with an adjective that describes who we are.




    Year 4

    For the 'Who We Are' art exhibition project, Year 4 had to utilise their sketching and portraiture skills. 

    The task was to complete an incomplete photographic self-portrait in pencil. To do this, it was vital to incorporate not just line drawing but also add shade and tone to give as realistic an outcome as possible.

    The children had a photograph for reference, however, this was not an exercise in copying, but in using our observational skills and all of our previous self-portraiture experience and knowledge. 



    Year 5

    Year 5 was selected for this portrait project because they had already established their photography credentials in Year 4 when they produced close-up photographs in nature.

    Building upon those skills and their ability to navigate the camera on the iPad, the students were given a set of instructions to follow.

    Using 'Who We Are' as a starting point, the children had to produce 9 portraits expressing different parts of their personalities. They were required to take these portraits keeping the proportions of their faces as similar in each photograph as possible. 

    Then, after selecting the images they wanted to include, they had to apply the same filter, grid and background colour for uniformity.



    Year 6

    Students in Year 6 produced these amazing digital portraits using the Sketches School app and all of their accumulated knowledge on how to use it effectively. They then had to make a portrait like that was to be a real original.

    The task was to draw a self-portrait from a selfie by only using shadows and highlights to build the portrait piece-by-piece. In addition, they had to choose a colour palette. This took great dexterity and excellent observation skills.

    The intention of this piece was to combine the visual portrait with text, so the final outcome had to include words of affirmation about themselves incorporated into the portrait.