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    This week in 2S!

    A busy week of collaboration, getting active and a new class pet for 2S

    What a busy week in 2S! Science has been a focus for our learning this week, with children working together to research different animal habitats. They recorded information from BBC Bitesize articles and videos on a poster, and presented their learning confidently to the class. We all agreed we would not like to live in chilly Antarctica! Keeping with our science theme, we welcomed our new class pet this week - a family of Indian stick insect eggs! The children are showing responsibility by collecting leaves to mimic the insects' natural habitat. Watch this space for an update when the eggs hatch! As the seasons begin to change, our budding scientists have been collecting seeds from the playground, making observations about the differences between them. We even had a go at learning a song about conkers! Throughout the term, 2S have been developing their emotional literacy and self-help skills. Each morning, we sign in showing what mood or 'zone' we are in, and have opportunities to reflect on this across the day. I have been really proud to see children communicating how they're feeling and choosing strategies to get back to the 'Green Zone.' Finally, after a very exciting day out last week at the Young Hackney Festival for some of our children, we have been continuing to develop our ball skills in PE. The children have been practising underarm throws and working really well in their teams!