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    Materials and solutions!

    Is it a soluble or insoluble material?

    In science, we have been exploring what a solution is and what components make a material soluble or insoluble in water. We conducted a wonderful experiment to see whether our hypothesis about certain materials solubility were correct or incorrect. Then, we discussed our results in groups and as a class. We used materials such as: sugar, sand, oil and pepper to carry out our investigation. The class spoke about fair testing and analysed how to ensure everything was investigated using the appropriate variables throughout. This involved the quantity of water and material needed for each solution; time and pace required when mixing the solution together. Through this, 5S were able to observe changes overtime and identify which materials dissolved most and the quickest, which determined whether they were soluble or insoluble. All the children really enjoyed this experiment and were able to test their hypothesis in different ways and some were quite surprised by the results, after completing their findings.