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    Autumn RE

    Shacklewell have been enjoying a whole host of Religious Education topics this term! In Year 2, they have been learning all about Mosques and their features. They have learnt that it is very important for Muslims to wash before they pray!

    A Year 2 child said she 'really enjoy RE as they get to learn about lots of different beliefs that are different to my own'. Year 3 are enjoying their topic on Hinduism. They have been learning all about how Hindu’s show their faith and explored puja, arti and bhajn’s and, if you want to know about Christianity in Britain, just ask Year 4!

    In Year 5, the children have been exploring the Five Pillars of Islam and their meaning. A child from 5S said that Muslims fast because 'it helps them to empathise with people who are less fortunate than themselves.' Take a look at the wonderful comic strip from a Year 5 child, too!

    Lastly, Year 6 have been learning about a whole host of beliefs over the last few weeks from Hinduism to Christianity and the different denominations. Did you know that Baptist's do not baptise? A Year 6 child told me this is because they want the person to be able to make the choice themselves.