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    Kindness Art Display: Reception

    Reception children create artwork inspired by a kind figure who has positively impacted society.

    This year at Shacklewell we are focussing on Acts of Kindness and are encouraging the children to make connections between their actions and the wider impact on the community. 

    The artwork from pre-school is all about the inspirational young footballer, Marcus Rashford MBE. He regularly uses his platform to improve the lives of others, famously campaigning for the UK government to extend free school meals to children during the summer holidays. He also launched a book club to help vulnerable and underprivileged children experience the escapism of reading.

    These two acts of kindness displayed by Marcus Rashford MBE are referenced in the artwork created by the Reception children. The newspaper format is a link to the news stories the children wrote about kindness in class this half-term. The display includes lovely handwritten notes from the Reception children, showcasing their fantastic writing skills.