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    SEN Information Report

    New Wave Federation is committed to early identification of Special Educational Needs (SEN). The Federation adopts a graduated response to meeting SEN and Disability (SEND) in line with the SEN Code of Practice 0-25, 2014.

    All children throughout the school are monitored regularly to ensure they continue to access the curriculum successfully and to help early identification of need.  A range of evidence is collected through assessment and monitoring arrangements, as well as regular formal discussions between the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) and the class teachers.

    If these suggest that any pupil is not making the expected progress, or their needs have changed, the class teacher will invite the parents/carers to school to discuss these additional needs with the SENCO. Following this, the class teacher and parents/carers, work with the SENCO in order to decide if, or how, additional provision is implemented.  The Federation use guidelines provided by Hackney Education to determine if a child’s attainment and/or progress indicate that they should be placed on the SEND register. The New Wave Federation place the child’s individual needs at the forefront of any additional provision.

    Please view the New Wave Federation SEND Information Report.

    To find more information about services for children with SEND in Hackney please visit