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Curriculum Overview

Our approach to the curriculum is to provide the highest quality provision, utilising the skills of all our staff, to inspire all our pupils to achieve their full potential.

Curriculum Handbook

New Wave Federation curriculum is the planned experiences and interaction our children encounter every day. In their entirety, these are designed to engage all learners, offering new and exciting learning opportunities for everyone. Our powerful and knowledge rich curriculum aims to empower and inform children in preparation for the next steps in their educational career.

Art & Design Curriculum

Read our Art & Design Curriculum.

Computing Curriculum

Read our Computing Curriculum

English Curriculum

At our school, literacy skills are at the heart of everything we do. Children are encouraged to discover the value of strong communication and the importance of Reading and Writing in all aspects of their futures.

Geography Curriculum

Read our Geography Curriculum

History Curriculum

Read our Geography Curriculum

Maths Curriculum

Read our Maths Curriculum

Music Curriculum

Musical education at Shacklewell aspires to provide children the opportunity to learn, experience and perform using a wide range of musical instruments.

PSHE Curriculum

Read our PSHE Curriculum

P.E. Curriculum

Read our Maths Curriculum

Science Curriculum

Read our Science Curriculum

Spanish Curriculum

At Shacklewell Primary School, our aim is to embed Spanish in our local community for the pupils to understand the purpose of learning a Modern Foreign Language.