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    Our Team

    All members of the Shacklewell team have a significant role to play and work collaboratively to ensure our school is a happy and positive learning environment.

    Senior Leadership Team

    Staff Member Position
    Nicole Reid Executive Headteacher
    Rory McGrath Headteacher
    Cassey Williams Deputy Headteacher
    Jonathan Omisore Assistant Headteacher
    Kirsty Addae Assistant Headteacher



    Staff Member Position
    Jacqueline Vahmis 2Y0 Leader
    Maddie Dickinson Nursery Class Teacher
    Rebecca Lowin Nursery Class Teacher
    Kirsty Addae Reception Aqua Class Teacher
    Sadie Thomas Reception Sky Class Teacher
     Jackie Forde 1S Class Teacher
    Flora Steafel 1W Class Teacher 
    Lizzie Maddin 2S Class Teacher
    Roseanna Anderson 2W Class Teacher
    Jonathon Omisore 3S Class Teacher
    Hollie Horrigan 3W Class Teacher
    Nia Hosie 4S Class Teacher
    Anya Deane 4W Class Teacher
    Leigh Taylor 5S Class Teacher
    Guy Pewsey 5W Class Teacher
    Richard Dowling 6S Class Teacher
    Rachel Sykes 6W Class Teacher
    Glenn Spencer Support Teacher
    Eddy Sheens Support Teacher
    Hollie Wells Support Teacher
    Alex Cathline PE Coach
    Gatie Magwambasa PE Coach
    Anita Hanssen Art Teacher
    Nadine Marshall Music Teacher
    John Fleming Music Teacher
    Rico Lawson Music Teacher
    Jose Santiago Spanish Teacher


    Support Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Fanny Bloss Early Years Educator
    Annette Small Early Years Educator
    Meena Singhni Early Years Educator
    Tracey O'Connor Early Years Educator
    Mini Begum Early Years Educator
    Alex Moudiotis Teaching Assistant
    Sharnie Bland Teaching Assistant
    Stella Mensah Teaching Assistant
    Jamie Davis Teaching Assistant
    Pembe Aziz Teaching Assistant
    Gonul Hanci Teaching Assistant
     Anita Hanssen Teaching Assistant
    Inna Saloustis Teaching Assistant
    Stella Mensah Teaching Assistant
    Kayleigh Tague Teaching Assistant
    Shani Brooks Teaching Assistant
    Mel Rogers Teaching Assistant
    Sue White Teaching Assistant


    Catering, Breakfast & Lunch Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Luis Sebastian Catering Manager
    Abdelaziz Hajaoui Catering Team
    Rose Tackie Catering Team
    Jennifer Nelson Catering Team
    Mercy Antwi Catering Team
    Layla Abdilahi Catering Team
    Fay Penman Midday Meals Supervisor
    Semra Budak Midday Meals Supervisor
    Nada Mensah Midday Meals Supervisor
    Fiona Doyle Midday Meals Supervisor
    Monique Laguel-Rouba Midday Meals Supervisor
    Paulette Reid Midday Meals Supervisor
    Semra Budak Midday Meals Supervisor
    Bilkesh Memon Midday Meals Supervisor
    Caroline King Midday Meals Supervisor
    Isatu Jalloh Midday Meals Supervisor
    Neetu Kaur Midday Meals Supervisor
    Mirta Alessi Midday Meals Supervisor


    Administrative and Premises Staff

    Staff Member Position
    Alia Choudhry Federation Business Manager
    Hannah Mahony Attendance Officer/Learning Mentor
    Fatu Sanha Senior Administrator Officer
    Alberto Ferreira Finance Manager
    Betty Morris Receptionist
    Beverly Dickinson Extended Schools
    Kevin Ezeagu Premises Officer
    Jose Lamuco Castro Premises Officer